May Peace mercy and blessings of almighty God be upon you

  Many messengers of God have been misunderstood  by the people and their scriptures were subjected to corruption. So God send his last and final message called Quran to his last and final messenger prophet Mohammed (pbuh) to clarify the misunderstandings of people regarding his prophets. So in this website I'm trying to clarify the misunderstandings of the people regarding the messengers of God using Quran and the scriptures of Jews and Christians.    

 Islam is a pure monotheistic religion which says to believe and worship the one and only creator of heaven and the earth. Islam mean Peace, submitting the will to almighty God.  The followers of Islam are called as Muslims. We as Muslims only bow-down to the creator of the heaven and the earth, not to the moon or to the black box in the desert (many Non-Muslims have a misconception that Muslims worship the moon or the black box in desert which is known as Kabba). 

 We Muslims believe in all the messengers of God from Adam (pbuh) to Moses (pbuh) which Christians and Jews also believe. Also we believe Jesus (pbuh)  as a messenger of Allah (Muslims call God as "Allah"). We also believe prophet Mohammed (pbuh) as the last and final messenger of Allah. 

 We believe Quran as the word of God which was revealed to the whole of human kind through prophet Mohammed (pbuh) as a guidance to the human kind. Unlike many other religious books Quran has only one version. From the time of Prophet Mohamed (pbuh) (from 6th cen.) not a single letter has added or deleted or changed in the Quran.

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